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The woman who influenced Mariah's writing

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Mariah Lynne
I enjoy reading about strong women. I guess if we look back over our own lives, one woman would stand out in that department. For me, it was my mother. We lost my father when I was thirteen. Her parents were immigrants and she was the eldest of seven. There was no college in her future, but she was certainly smart enough to go. She married young, at 18, and helped my father in business. When he died, she didn’t give up. She sold the business and our house moving us into a small two family house where she could collect rent against her expenses. She then went to work. Back then, the choices for women were very limited so she worked in an upscale independent retail store where she managed the housewares department. She made sure I finished high school and graduated from college. I learned a great deal about life from her. Lessons not taught in school; perseverance, money management and to believe in your own ability. I can’t think of a stronger woman.

Anyway, I guess in a subconscious way, she influenced the way I think about my female characters. In my newest novella, THE DUCHESS’ NECKLACE (Taliesin Publishing), Amelia Augusta Ethrington, Duchess of Abbington and fourth in line to the British throne, is strong willed, independent and not willing to relinquish the authority to her duchy to a husband. She is considered an old maid in her mid- thirties.
Ahead of her time in romance (unlike Mom – have to add that), she has trysts with wandering knights and gigolos, men with whom she need not have a relationship. One man, a Traveler with designs on the famous Abbington jewels, romances her, steals her jewels, taking them to the present for his own profit. Amelia awakens to find her jewels gone and her trusted guard murdered. Now she must be brave, bold and strong to have her trusted seer help her travel to the present, find the scoundrel, and reclaim her jewels before her rival heirs take her duchy from her. One problem, she meets a handsome appraiser from the Smithsonian and is faced with the biggest decision of her life. True love or her duchy?
Detective Brianna Breeze in THE LOVE GYPSY is a Ft. Myers Florida homicide detective who is known for solving difficult cases because of her perseverance, intelligence, experience. She is smarter than her male counterparts and has problems in the relationship department. Her idea of speed dating is to flash her badge for a quick interrogation. Her best friend Tessa tricks her into seeing Raya Light, The Love Gypsy. A handsome muscular man wearing a black leather jacket and 50s hair bursts in their first meeting. This stranger captures her interest. Raya warns her not to get involved with him.
A present day murder, a mysterious vintage car registered in the past, and a smoking gun complicate the puzzle. Brianna doesn’t know if her lover from the past is a murderer or a savior, but she must be brave and risk time travel to find out.
Bold strong female characters and their dilemmas captivate our interest while adding fun to any story. I hope you will take the time to read about mine.

 It didn’t take long for his carriage to reach the riverfront. We stopped. Ryan leaned over and kissed my cheek whispering in my ear.
“Let’s go back to my room. It’s just upstairs. You can tell me what your secret is in private. I trust you and hope you trust me.”
Ryan helped me out of his carriage. We climbed the one flight of steps up to his room. Once inside, I sat down on the bed and stared out the window before giving him a serious look.
“This is not how I planned to tell you. I hoped to wait until we saw if the necklace was genuine. You must listen to me before passing judgment. I hope that you will still want to keep me in your heart afterward. ”
Ryan closed the drapes before sitting down next to me.
“Amy, how could I help but keep you in my heart no matter what your secret is?”
He squeezed my hand as I touched his lips with the gentlest kiss. Ryan filled me with a deep passion. I was ready to reveal my desire for him. I hoped he felt the same way. I knew what I wanted and decided to show him how I felt in a special manner. Standing up, I slowly removed Starr’s silk floral sash and placed it around his neck. I stepped back to dance the seductive dance of the gypsy women who camped outside my childhood manor house grounds. They had always looked graceful, bracelets jingling, ribbon colored skirts twirling as they turned and twisted by their campfire in the moonlight. They seduced traveling knights and lesser royals hoping for romantic trysts out of their coin. I had heard the gypsy’s haunting songs and desired to get a better look. I became quite good at sneaking out night after night, hoping not to get caught. I watched them dance, hiding in some nearby bushes. One night, a beautiful gypsy spotted my hiding place and grabbed me. To my surprise, she had me stand and taught me their dance.
I wanted my necklace but strange as it sounds, I wanted Ryan more. I removed my blouse first, touching his face with its soft perfumed cotton. I swirled, kicking off my shoes and stepping out of my skirt. I seduced him taking off each undergarment until I stripped myself bare. His face flushed with reluctance but finally gave in. He stared at my naked body, his eyes intoxicated with passion. I have been with enough men to know he liked what he saw. Holding onto my hand, I pulled him up and helped him disrobe. His body was as muscular as a bull’s. We lay down together. His touch was gentle, making my body desire him more. We made sweet love until we became so tired, we both fell asleep. Our nap was all too brief. Ryan was the first to wake up. He whispered my name, “Amy, wake up sweetheart.”
I stretched remembering where I was and what I needed to tell him. My feelings for him made it more complicated now.

Ever dream of traveling through time? Mariah Lynne does. She writes stories that take her readers along on exciting journeys. Travel to distant times and beautiful places with strong-willed independent heroines whose memorable tales will entertain with twisted plots that dabble in the paranormal. 
A Graduate of Syracuse University, Mariah lives on a beautiful Gulf Coast Island in Florida. When she is not writing, she enjoys swimming, traveling and spending time with her husband and dolphin hunting dog, Max.
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