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Scottish Highland Games close to Nancy's heart

Hello Nancy and welcome to Adventures in Authorland. Please make yourself comfortable and tell us a little about your writing adventure

What inspired you to write your first book?

I am not sure if I would call it inspiration or relief. The floodgates opened up the same week my youngest son came home on leave from the army. He was stationed in Germany, and just finished a tour in Iraq. It was like my prayers were answered, and my reward was bringing a story to life. Since that day, I would have to add that volunteering at Scottish Highland Games has given me ideas that keep me going.

Do you see writing as a career?

I do. Though I started writing in 2006, and signed my first contract in 2010, royalties do not equal success for every writer. I am still finding my niche, but we made some financial decisions and, after three decades of working outside the home, I can write fulltime. Besides, now I have time to visit various Scottish Highland Games to get more ideas.

In which genre do you prefer to write and why?

I write what I feel. Stories pop into my head. I have enjoyed my current Highland Games Through Time series which melds present day Scottish festivals with time travel to sixteenth-century Scotland. This is my first attempt at a series. Book #1 is My Honorable Highlander. The second is titled My Banished Highlander. Both are out in both ebook and print. I am hard at work at my series ending book My Reluctant Highlander.  I also have written several contemporary romances. Again, I am not a pigeon-holed writer. Did I mention I have an idea for a regency historical romance with a Scottish hero?

 Do you belong to any non-writing organizations?

We moved from New Hampshire to North Carolina a few years ago, so I had to disconnect with some groups but I am currently Class Representative at my college, and a member of St. Andrew’s Society of NH, Gunn Clan of North America, and Clan MacBean. As the last three are Scottish heritage groups, I get tons of ideas.

Do you have any advice for new writers beginning their adventure?

Please ignore the nay-sayers; come out of the closet and join a writing group; read the kind of books you want to write to get the rhythm and style; ask others to read your story when you think it is complete before you send it to an agent or editor. Most of all, make time every day to sit down and write!

Share three fun facts about you that most people don’t know.

Hmm...I was born on Friday the 13th; I had a walk-on role in the soap opera Another World; I drive a 13-year-old 4-wheel-drive Jeep. Let me explain...the 1st is self-explanatory; my neighbor was Joseph Rothenberger, a producer of the show; I used to be a 9-1-1 Operator in New Hampshire and if it snowed, I could NOT call out.

BOOK BLURB of My Banished Highlander

When his clan convicts Cameron Robeson of treason in 1598 Scotland, the last thing he thought his cousin the Laird would do was banish him to the future. With a certain woman on his mind, he plans revenge while surrounded by the sights and sounds of the modern day New England Highland Games. His plans go awry when a comely redheaded lass wearing the Mackenzie plaid lands at his feet.

Iona Mackenzie is worried about her friend, Haven, and searches for answers among the tents at the games. Whom can she trust to help? Her father? The handsome blacksmith? Or, the tall, golden-haired Highlander? Romance takes a back seat because saving her friend is her priority, no matter how great Cameron can kiss.

When a magical amulet and an angry sorcerer send this unlikely couple back through time, more than one heart will be broken. Danger, intrigue, and threats surround them, and feelings between Iona and Cameron grow hot and steamy. They fight the sorcerer and search for Iona’s friend, the woman he vowed to steal from his cousin. Will the strong-willed Highlander and the present day witch stop fighting long enough to listen to their hearts? With a letter in her hand and a Highlander at her back, what could go wrong?

This book follows the story that began in My Honorable Highlander, which is available in ebook and print. Watch for the third book, My Reluctant Highlander.

Title:  My Banished Highlander
Author:  Nancy Lee Badger
Genre: Scottish Time Travel Romance
Length: 82,000 word Novel

Barnes & Nobel   
Available in PRINT!

More about the Author

Nancy Lee Badger loves chocolate-chip shortbread, wool plaids wrapped around the trim waist of a Scottish Highlander, the clang of broadswords, and the sound of bagpipes in the air. After growing up in Huntington, New York, and raising two handsome sons in New Hampshire, Nancy moved to North Carolina where she writes full-time. Nancy is a member of Romance Writers of America, Heart of Carolina Romance Writers, Fantasy-Futuristic & Paranormal Romance Writers, the Celtic Heart Romance Writers, and is a proud Army Mom.

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  1. I so enjoyed My Honorable Highlander and look forward to reading the sequel/second, My Banished Highlander. Nancy really captures the flavor of Highland Games in My Honorable Highlander.

  2. I'm a sucker for a good Scottish romance, especially if it incorporates a touch of the paranormal. I have liked your amazon page and downloaded a copy of My Banished Highlander. I look forward to reading it.

    1. Thank you, Amy. I enjoy the games and cannot wait until April when hubby and I visit the Rural Hills Games (Loch Norman Games) in Hunterville, NC.

  3. Nice to meet you, Nancy! I like a Highlander every now and then, especially when its mixed with time-travel! I'm going to check out your titles. Love the covers too! Congratulations on making that financial decision - how freeing! I'm lucky enough to have the same belief of my own husband that it is a career worth persuing. Nothing ventured, nothing gained! You're on your way! :)

  4. Thanks, LaVerne, I do love staying home and writing, but I make sure I get out to my local RWA chapter meeting each month. No writer needs to do this alone. Hubby's support is appreciated, too.

  5. How exciting to learn about the series! What a dream to decide to do something you love full-time, even without the promise of reward. A true success story, and how motivating to other writers!

  6. Jean Drew, thank you! This is a very informative and helpful interview to anyone who dreams of writing their own novel. I bought both of the print books in Nancy Lee Badger's "Highland Games Through Time" series and I think they are very entertaining. I also enjoyed her other books, including Dragon in the Mist and Love to the Rescue. Glad you posted the links to find these ebooks. Keep up the good writing, Nancy - I look forward to future books from you, Nancy.

  7. Exciting to hear about the Highland Games. I would love to see that. Congratulations on almost finishing your series! That is a great accomplishment. Looking forward to reading it!

  8. I am eagerly awaiting your third book in the Highland Games Through Time series. I spent several afternoons glued to the pages as I followed their adventures. I really care about your characters and I want to know what happens to all of them.

  9. Thanks. Now I have to get back to writing MY RELUCTANT HIGHLANDER.

  10. This sounds like a great series! I've been to a couple of Scottish games. My husband and I are planning to go to Scotland next year. I'm really looking forward to it.

    1. Color me green with jealousy. A trip to Scotland is at the top of my bucket list! Hubby went while in high school, but did not see where we wish to venture.

  11. I own all of Nancy Badgers ebooks and printed books and love them all. I even got a co-worker addicted to her Highlander Through Time series and she keeps asking when the third book will be available. All of her books have strong characters, great descriptions of scenery and wonderful story lines. Keep writing Nancy!

  12. Great post, I look forward to reading your books

  13. I've spent a lot of time in Scotland, and covered some Highland games here in the US. Lots of fun!

  14. I do believe my TBR list just got a wee bit longer! ;o)

  15. I like your fun facts! Nice interview, Nancy.