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Alexa enjoys seeing courage make heroes of ordinary people

Hi there Alexa, and welcome to Adventures in Authorland. Please make yourself comfortable and tell us a little about your writing adventure.
Do you see writing as a career?

I do see writing as a career. It is intense and extremely satisfying and when I’m not working I usually miss it. I’m not in a position to have it as my only career yet, but I do intend to eventually make it my only career. A girl’s gotta have dreams, right?

In which genre do you prefer to write and why?

I really love writing romantic suspense. I love to see a romance unfolding as two people try to uncover clues to solve a crime. I love to see justice done and to see courage make ordinary people heroes.

Can you give us some details about your upcoming release/s?

My next two books are contemporary romances, both set in the Scottish Highlands. CARRY ME HOME is set to release on June 5th and SILENT SURRENDER is currently in the editing stage. Both books star secondary characters from my first book, characters who had so much life in them I just had to tell their stories. Carry Me Home is Jamie MacDougall’s story. Silent Surrender is his little sister Meggie’s story. At the moment, I’m drafting the other brother’s story too.

When you are not writing, what are your hobbies, passions, etc?

I’m a sports fanatic. At the moment, soccer holds my heart. I try to watch some games each weekend as a way to relax. Of course I love to read, too. Traveling is really important to me as well since I love learning about different cultures. And on and off I try to exercise.

Do you hear from readers much? What kinds of things do they say?

I don’t hear from readers that much. Occasionally a friend will email me and tell me what they thought of one of my books, which always makes me happy, but not too many people contact me. L I look forward to the days where I hear from more people. As a result of my own feelings about hearing from readers, I now try to contact authors when I love their books just to let them know.

Have you ever travelled to a place and come away with a story unexpectedly?

Yes! After I graduated with my Master’s in Education, a relative I visited in Australia took me to Thailand. We were only there about a week, but I came away with a great story idea. That manuscript didn’t sell, but I plan to revise it later this year (since it was first written over 10 years ago & I’m a MUCH better writer now!). Also, I went to Mexico three years ago to participate in a Spanish immersion program. On a field trip, I bought an ancient-looking dagger and on the bus ride home to my Mexican family I came up with a GREAT story idea! I’m currently writing that book.




     After six months in the city, Mary MacDougall returns to the Scottish Highlands to finalize her divorce. Because of a past tragedy, she doubts her husband Jamie can possibly love her with the same unbridled passion as before and insists ending the marriage is best for both of them. But Jamie has other ideas….
     Jamie MacDougall has no intention of letting his bonnie lass go. At least not without a fight. Aye, they’ve suffered heartache, and she may be ready to call it quits, but he refuses to throw away the partnership they’ve built since they were children. Instead, he’ll remind her they were meant to be together, forever.
     Can this marriage survive pride and grief to allow love to carry them home?


“What do you want, Jamie?” She’d not get caught up in his soulful amber eyes. No, she would not.
“You’ve had your bit of fun, but I want you to come home.” He tilted his head to one side and drifted his fingertips along her bare arm.
She yanked away. “I’ve come to get my papers from you, to say good-bye to those I love, and to move on with my life.” She stepped around him and continued down the path to the center of Glenhalish. “I’ll be at the Kierlain House until Sunday. Please bring the forms and leave them with the front office.”
“I don’t have them.” He nearly shouted with glee. “I tossed them out.”
“I thought you might say that.” Smiling on the heels of another small victory, she fished through her handbag and pulled out another copy of the divorce papers. She’d come armed with a half-dozen copies just in case he chose to be difficult. She strode back to him with her chin held high and slapped the papers against his chest. “Here.”

Jamie stared at the lass’s fine arse strutting away from him. Her hair had been cut, straightened and the summer dress with the flowery print accentuated all the curves he’d fallen for so many years ago, the curves he knew so intimately. And those heels, for the love of St. Bridget, Mary hadn’t worn high heels like that since she left school. They’d brought her closer to his height, yet she still only reached his shoulders.
She’d left Glenhalish in January, a cold, distant housewife, and come back this alluring woman. For a moment, panic set inside his gut. He’d intended to convince her to come home so they could face their grief and move on together, but seeing how much happier, sexier, and sophisticated she was, perhaps Edinburgh was good for her, better than he could be.
But he wanted her back, wanted to get through this rough patch they’d strayed onto after the lad’s death, and return to the partnership they’d shared since primary school. They had too many years left. She couldn’t leave him. He wouldn’t survive without her.
The lass may have plans to leave him forever, but Jamie MacDougall wouldn’t give her up without a fight.

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