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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Fantasy, YA, Sci-Fi, Paranormal--all in a Dey's work

Hello A.H and welcome to Adventures in Authorland. Please get comfortable and tell us a little about your adventure.

Do you see writing as a career?

Yes. Especially after gaining 20+ pounds revising my latest book. I mean if I’m going to wedge myself into a computer chair and gain stress fat without restraint--it’s gotta be some kind of career, right? LOL. But seriously. I do see it as a business and career. At this point, I don’t think I would trade it for the world.

In which genres do you prefer to write and why?

I really enjoy Fantasy. But I also get a kick out of writing Sci-Fi and Paranormal. Currently I divide these up between two alter egos: Kara Ashley Dey writes Sci Fi and Paranormal; A. H. De Carrasco writes YA and Fantasy. (BTW, it’s AH’s fault we’ve all gained so much weight. She doesn’t know when to stop revising and eating mini Rollo’s. Her second ToD book is a week late. *rolls eyes*.)

Can you give us some details about your upcoming release/s?

My upcoming release under A. H. De Carrasco is the second book in a Fantasy series called TELLER OF DESTINY, BOOK TWO: PRINCES AND FOOLS. I especially enjoyed working on this part of the series because it introduces some very important characters that influence my heroine Raphere, throughout the series, for better or worse (mostly for worse, lol).

The series is part coming of age, part good versus evil, part romance, part mystery. I had forgotten how hot this book was before I started my final edits. But Princes and Fools is first and foremost a fantasy. Lots of characters’ points-of-view. Lots of intrigue. I’ve had to push it back to a July 1st release because I want it perfect. The story deserves it. The first book, From Continue, is available right now for 99 cents, as a build up for the new release.

When you are not writing, what are your hobbies, passions, etc?

I love to crochet and make jewellery. Doing promos with jewellery is an added bonus. I love it! I spent several years doing computer animation work as a compositor so I find designing concept art for my books is pretty relaxing and fun, too. To keep my cg chops, I’ve added an interactive trivia section with visual rewards on my website. I also love to play video games but haven’t had much time lately.

As a child, what did you want to do when you grew up? Writing, or something else?

I would bounce between wanting to write, act, sing, draw and be an astronomer. Oh, and a nun. I’ve been able to experience all those lives, except for the last two. But I still love to watch the stars at night.

What place inspires you the most?
Bolivia. I’m a landscape writer. I need to paint the scene when I can. Bolivia has every imaginable terrain. Jungles. Mountain tops. Grasslands. Rivers. Except for the ocean--You name it. If I ever got the chance to film Teller of Destiny, I would have the majority of the pre-visual effects filming completed there.

Do you have any advice for new writers beginning their adventure?

DO NOT keep chocolate anywhere near your computer. Also, don’t make silly rules you know you’ll break. Avoid setting yourself up for hardship--that’s just a mind game. Keep the process a discovery, as effortless as possible, and bring you’re A-game because you have a long way to go from where you are: it will be an amazing ride.

Be active with your writing. Bring it with you. Take your notebook, iPad, camera, audio recorder--everything--with you. We are living in a mobile world. We create on our feet. It’s awesome! Go for it, and good luck.

Blurb for the Teller of Destiny Series, BOOK TWO: PRINCES AND FOOLS

     Two mortals hang in the balance, two princes destined to be kings, one who covets the crown, the other who left his birthright behind after a family tragedy for which he is to blame. Both are irresistibly drawn to the Pikestan girl, Raphere, whose fierce heart imprisons them as they lay claim to her. Whether incited by love or power, the princes may find their reward at the sharp end of a sword.
     Ever since spilling her blood before the Teller of Destiny, Raphere has spent her life trying to prove she is not like her mother, a dark sorceress. And though she yearns to be, she is not a white wanderer either. She is the Jivasivar, the first grey soul born into the land since sin and the Changing. Some call her savior; others, assassin. One thing is clear: everyone has a plan for Raphere. Few seem to care about what is best for her--only what she might gain or cost them.
     To the visitors in the Pikestan, she is a target for their cruelty. To the voices of the weald, she is a precious angel and a last chance at life. To the Dark Lord Verisa, she is a spoiled girl and an unwanted burden. To the mercenary Rant Pae, she is a comely maiden and a promised bounty. To the Highland witch Rumara, she is a puzzle to decipher from afar. To the Teller of Destiny, which revealed the grey of Raphere's soul, she is the Great All's long awaited Sword and Shield. Amidst such judgment, can a young woman with young girl's dreams choose her own path correctly?
     Searching for her purpose Raphere trusts in the white wanderer Tranquia and hopes to attain the Jivan Tome--the Divine Poem which promised Raphere's emergence, centuries ago. She must discern friend from foe as all strive to manipulate her for their own designs. Does she have the conviction to be the Jivasivar or is she merely a pawn in a fight for the survival of both ancients and kings? With the Jivan Tome out of reach, and her destiny as clouded as her grey blood, will she bend to the manipulations of others and take a path that leads to the destruction of all?

readers age 15+

The Teller of Destiny Series:
Read the books. Play trivia. Unlock extras.

I'm a writer who likes fantasy, speculative and paranormal fiction with romantic elements. I enjoy interviewing multi-talented artists and writers to find out what 'makes them tick.' Sharing experiences is a really great way to learn about the world and ourselves. Plus, I'm a firm believer in rejoicing in other people's successes; it's free and it feels great.
Living in Houston with my darling husband has taught me about the blessings of great neighbors and Texas BBQ. My favorite critics are my two plump cats that purr their pleasure at most everything I write.

To keep in touch:
Twitter: @AHDeCarrasco @KaraAshleyDey
websites: (Romance Reviews and News) (Spell Caster interviews of multi-talented artists)
latest books:
Stealing Sky:
Prince and Fools: Coming Soon!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Faraway places offer rich background for Janet's books

Hello Janet, and welcome to Adventures in Authorland. Please get comfortable and share a little of your adventure with us.

How many books have you written? Which is your favourite?

I've written four contemporary romance books. My favourite is Laura's Big Break, partly because it's set in Holland and South America – two places I love – but mainly because the characters really entertain me and make me laugh. They knew each other as children and just can't see that they've changed as adults, so they treat each other the same way they did as kids. I have a mother who does the same thing to me – strangely enough, that isn't as funny…

Can you give us some details about your upcoming release/s?

I'm working on a new series of contemporary romances set in Scotland. The first book, LINGERIE WARS, was due out on the 14th June and the second, GOODY TWO SHOES, is due out later in the year. Lingerie Wars tells the story of an English ex-soldier and a Scottish ex-model who own lingerie shops in the same small town. A town that's too small to support two shops, so the soldier does what he does best and declares war on the other shop!

When you are not writing, what are your hobbies, passions, etc?

I'm a trained artist and am completely obsessed with art history. I read books on it like it's going out of fashion. I also make my own mixed-media art and visit as many art galleries as I can. That's one thing I miss about living in Europe – having access to all that art! Last year we went home for a visit and I took my three-year-old to the National Gallery in London. She spent the whole time in the gallery shouting: "I am so bored. I've had enough of this art!" Guess the obsession doesn't run in the family…

 As a child, what did you want to do when you grew up? Writing, or something else?

I always wanted to be a writer but it took a long time to find out that I wanted to write contemporary romance. I tried writing short stories, travel pieces and crime novels, before I discovered that romantic comedy is my forte. Now my head is so full of stories that my fingers can't type fast enough to keep up.

Have you ever travelled to a place and come away with a story unexpectedly?

I spent a few years working as a travel photographer for a charity and was lucky to visit a lot of countries I wouldn’t have visited otherwise. I was roped into a Hindu wedding in Jaipur, arrested for spying in Ethiopia, was stranded in the Amazon rainforest for a week when I missed the plane out, and danced with the Bedouin at Petra. I've been really blessed with experiences that would make good book fodder and plan to use every single one of them at some point. J

What historical person would you want to meet and why?

Dorothy L Sayers strikes me as a person worth having a conversation with. Her writing is amazing, but her thoughts on writing are equally mind blowing. I'd love to sit in on one of her conversations with C S Lewis and J R R Tolkien. I bet I'd learn a thing or two about writing a book! On top of that there are a LOT of artists I'd love to meet. I'd love to ask Italian renaissance artist Bernini what he had to do to make his sculptures so life-like. And I'd like to have a heart-to-heart with Van Gogh, that guy needed an intervention! Plus, if I met him, maybe he'd like to paint my portrait… J

Share three fun facts about you that most people don’t know.

When I was ten, I was kicked out of Brownies for starting a war with the competing Brownies down the road. I love screwball comedies from the 1930s and 40s and can quote dialogue from most of them – in my head I am Katherine Hepburn. I once caused a scandal in a church in South America, when I was asked to say hello to the congregation. Instead of saying: "My Spanish is bad and I'm embarrassed the minister made me talk to you." I said: "My Spanish is bad. I'm being forced to talk to you. I'm pregnant by the minister." There were screams. One woman fainted. Turns out the Spanish word embarezada doesn't mean embarrassed as I thought it did, but literally means "knocked up". You live and learn…

BLURB – Lingerie Wars by Janet Elizabeth Henderson:
     Englishman Lake Benson loaned his life savings to his dippy sister so that she could buy a shop. It was a big mistake. His sister has been steadily flushing his money down the drain – and now he wants it back. Years in the special forces taught Lake that if you want a job done, do it yourself. So he steps in to make the shop profitable, sell it and get his money back. The only problem is, the business is an underwear shop. And all Lake knows about underwear can be summed up in how fast he can unsnap a bra. To make matters worse, the tiny highland town already has a lingerie shop. A successful one, run by an ex-lingerie model. A very gorgeous ex-lingerie model, who’s distracting him from his mission more than he’d like to admit. If Lake wants to get his savings back, and get out of Scotland, he only has one option – wipe out the competition. 

     Kirsty Campbell has spent years rebuilding her life after she woke up in hospital in Spain to find her body scarred, and her ex-fiancĂ© had run off with all her money. The last thing she needs is a cocky, English soldier-boy trying to ruin all she has left. Her home-town is only too happy to help her fight the latest English invasion, although Lake is beginning to sway them with his sex appeal and cut price knickers. With the help of her mother, and the retired ladies of Knit or Die, Kirsty sets about making sure that her shop is the last one standing in Invertary.

     It’s Scotland versus England as you’ve never seen it before. It’s lingerie war.
EXCERPT: Lingerie Wars by Janet Elizabeth Henderson

   “You know what I think?” Kirsty said.
   “I’m not sure I care what you think, but go ahead anyway,” Lake drawled.
   Kirsty's hands fell to her side and balled into fists. It had been a long time since she’d felt the urge to thump someone.
   “I think you’re in over your head,” she said. “You obviously don’t have a clue about running a shop or selling lingerie, and you’ve just insulted the only expert in town who was willing to help you.”
   His lips twitched slightly, giving the impression that he was going to smile, but nothing happened. His face was still impassive.
   “Do you know what I think?” he said. “I think you’re scared of a little competition.”
   Kirsty barked out a laugh that surprised her more than him.
   “You’re not competition. This”—she pointed to Betty’s handmade sign—”is not competition. There’s no way you could be a threat to me, or to my business.”
   “We’ll see. Prepare to shut up shop.”
   Kirsty pursed her lips as she felt her cheeks burn.
   “That is incredibly arrogant of you,” she said.
   “Or honest. It’s obvious there’s only room in this town for one lingerie shop. I’d rather it was mine.”
   “If you think I’m going to let you run me out of town then you’re deluded. This is my home. You’re the foreigner here.”
   He rocked back on his heels as he thrust his hands into the pockets of his jeans. Although there was nothing in his manner to give him away, she got the distinct impression he was enjoying himself.
   “Ah, that old chestnut. We hate the English. The English are the root of all our problems. Blah, blah. You guys need to get over yourselves. You lost. We won. We own you now. There’s no point being bitter.”
   Kirsty reeled before blustering nonsense.
   “That’s right. The English are here to stay.”
   “That’s it,” she said at last. “You’ve crossed the line.” She turned to his sister with a tight smile. “I’m sorry, honey, but I can’t help you now. You’re stuck with him.” She hooked her thumb towards the brother.   “You have no idea how much I feel for you.”
   “I get that a lot,” Rainne mumbled.
   “As for you,” she told the English imbecile, “bring it on. You don’t stand a chance.”
   “So, last shop standing?”
   “It’ll be mine.”
   “I like a healthy imagination in a woman.”
   “You’re going to regret annoying me this much.”
   At last he grinned. Kirsty felt her world shift as something unseen pulled her towards him.
   “It’s on, then?” he said with delight.
   “It’s on.” She stepped back, feeling slightly disorientated.
   “Great.” He nodded. “War. This I do know.”
   “Ah, but you don’t know lingerie war,” Kirsty said. “Sit back and watch, soldier boy. You’re about to have your backside handed to you.”

Janet’s website:

Thanks for stopping by today and sharing some of your exciting times with us. Good luck with your sales.


Sunday, June 16, 2013

Regency series plain sailing for Ella

Hello Ella, welcome to Adventures in Authorland. Please get comfortable and tell us a little about your writing adventure.

When did you first consider yourself a writer?

I think this is an important question. During the first draft of the first book I wrote, I considered myself a writer. I see so many people who describe themselves as “aspiring writers.” You either are a writer or you’re not. If you’re making up stories and writing them down, you’re a writer.

I do know that it sometimes takes a bit of encouragement for people to claim being a writer. Diana Love told a funny story about being at a writers’ conference early in her career. Person after person asked her if she was an author, and she kept saying, 'no, those other people are'. Then a tall, good-looking guy asked, and she replied. “Yes, I am.”

How many books have you written? Which is your favourite?

I’ve written seven. Four of them, The Seduction of Lady Phoebe, The Secret Life of Miss Ann Mash, and Lady Caro’s Accidental Marriage are complete and sold. They comprise the first four books of my series, The Marriage Game.  I’m editing the fifth book now.

Two are from a detour I took during Nanowrimo, and will be the first two books of my second series.

I have to say I love them all. Lady Phoebe may edge out the others just the tiniest bit, but only because she was the first.

You’ve recently signed with a publisher. Tell us about your writing journey before and after this point.

Although the story is long, it’s actually it’s been pretty fast. Just over two years ago, I started out doing what most authors do. I wrote a book, then wondered how to sell it.

In May I joined a general writers’ forum, and discovered that I actually needed to revise my book. What you mean it’s not perfect now? Aren’t editors supposed to fix anything that’s wrong? Apparently not.  Oh, and there was something called POVs I was supposed to get a handle on, and don’t forget craft. It took me a couple of months to actually figure out what POV was, but I digress.

The Brenda Novak Auction was in full swing, and I won a critique with an agent. She ended up telling me I needed to work on my craft (there was that pesky word again), but she thought I’d be published. Well, I can tell you that was all I needed to start sending Lady Phoebe out on queries. Imagine my surprise when I received rejections. They, however, did not deter me. By then I’d heard a lot about rejections and figured it was part of the process.  In June I’d I heard about RWA, and immediately signed up, found a couple of special interest chapters and joined them as well. I also took the rejections and parlayed them into PRO status.

I have to say that had it not been for that I would not have found a couple of wonderful critique groups that ended up helping me get my MS to the point where they were ready for submissions.

During all of this, I was writing Lady Serena and entered several of contests. In fact, if you count up the number of contests offered between July and September, that would be the number. Judges either loved my submission or hated it. There was loads of advice, some useful, most not. One published author, I wish I knew who it was, made a comment that made up for all the negative remarks.

 By September of that year I was editing Lady Serena and writing Anna Marsh. In October I attended the RWA New Jersey regional conference, met some wonderful authors, and pitched Lady Phoebe. I was thrilled to get requests for partials. In November for Nanowrimo I wrote Lady Grace’s Rendezvous (one of my detours), and in December started querying Lady Serena. That was when I started receiving requests for fulls. On February 1st I signed with my agent.

She handed me over to her lovely assistant, Claire Cavanaugh, who taught me how to edit and polish my books.  In December I received the offer from Kensington.

When you are not writing, what are your hobbies, passions, etc?

I love to read, travel, and being in the water. I paddle board at least once a week. I help out with the local races on the race committee and when Rolex is down here for their international regatta. I greatly envy a friend who has taken off and is sailing the world. I just want my own sailboat, but I would like to hang out in the Med on it for a summer.

If you could time travel back, or forward, for one day, where would it be and why?

I’d love to visit the Regency era and gather up as much knowledge as I could, especially about some of the things we debate about.

If you could have any super hero power, what would it be?

Every since I first saw the TV show, Bewitched, I’ve wanted to be able to wiggle my nose and get things done or be somewhere.

Author bio:

Ella’s studies and other jobs have always been on the serious side. Reading historical romances, especially Regencies, were her escape. Eventually her love of historical novels led her to start writing them.

She is married to her wonderful husband of twenty-nine years. They have a son and granddaughter, Great Dane and a Chartreux. After living in the South Pacific, Central America, North Africa, England and Europe, she and her husband decided to make St. Thomas, VI home.

Book #2, THE SECRET LIFE OF MISS ANNA MARSH on pre-order now. Releases ~ November 7th,  2013
“Let yourself be seduced by this sexy mix of spies, smugglers, and happily ever afters.” —Sally MacKenzie

     Since she was a young girl, Anna Marsh has dreamed of Sebastian, Baron Rutherford asking for her hand in marriage. But that was in another life when her brother Harry was alive, before she vowed to secretly continue the work he valiantly died for. Now as Sebastian finally courts Anna, she must thwart his advances. Were he to discover her secret, he would never deem her a suitable wife…
     Sebastian has always known Anna would become his wife someday. He expects few obstacles, but when she dissuades him at every turn he soon realizes there is much more to this intriguing woman. Somehow he must prove to her that they are meant to be together. But first he must unravel the seductive mystery that is Miss Anna Marsh…

“We’ll be in Kent,” Rutherford said to Marcus as they shared brandy in his study after dinner. “No balls or other parties. No other gentlemen.” Thank God for that.
Marcus raised a skeptical brow. “Miss Marsh has been ignoring you pretty studiously today. Do you really think she’s that stupid?”
“That is part of the problem. She’s too damned smart for her own good. Trust me. Once I have her to myself, she’ll change her mind.”
“She’s never struck me as being a particularly malleable sort of female. You know her best, of course.”
Rutherford frowned. “You may be right. She always was an obstinate child, but I thought she’d become less stubborn. At least she appears that way. There must be something I can offer her.”
Marcus’s lips tilted up. “Love?”
“How can you,” Rutherford demanded, “utter that word out loud and not shiver?”
Marcus shook his head. “Blame it on my falling in love with Phoebe when I was twenty. Neither the emotion nor the word has ever scared me.”
“Yes, well, you must be the only gentleman of my acquaintance who can say that.”
“Probably.” Marcus agreed. “Do you love Anna?”
“Of course I do. She’s been like a sister to me.” Except recently his thoughts had not been at all brotherly.
“How do you plan to approach her?” Marcus asked.
“I’ve not quite made out my plan of battle yet.” Rutherford took out his pocket watch and rubbed it. “I intend to use this weekend to think about it. Until then, I will stay as close to her as possible. I don’t want anyone else to decide to use the break between the Seasons to catch her interest.” Rutherford was beginning to wish for a return to arranged marriages. Surely their fathers would have betrothed them. In fact, they should have done it when she was born.
“When do you plan to tell her you’re already in love with her?”
“I have told her. At least, I must have at some point over the years,” Rutherford replied.
“Don’t expect to succeed. Ladies need to hear it, often.” Marcus grinned. “Remind me to tell you I told you so.”
Rutherford glared at his friend. For God’s sake, he’d brought down an entire branch of Napoleon’s spy apparatus. How hard could it be to discover the key to one recalcitrant female, who might not be so comfortable and easily led after all? Perhaps he really didn’t need a calm life. He raised himself to his full height of over six feet two inches. “I have no intention of failing. I am descended from Norman warlords, I’ll have you know.”
“Aren’t we all,” Marcus replied dryly. “Just who do you think she’s descended from? Think about it. I must get back to the rest of my guests.”
After Marcus left, Rutherford stared into the fire, thinking about Anna’s dark curls and creamy skin. God how he wanted to bury his face in her hair, then slowly kiss his way down her neck to her breasts, tasting as he went. He shook himself. Anna had definitely changed.
He left the library and found the billiards room in time to join a game.
“Rutherford, your turn,” his friend Huntley said. “What are you in such a brown study about?”
“Nothing. Nothing at all.” Rutherford had the uncomfortable feeling he was going to pay for being so sure of himself with Anna.
He missed his shot.

Ella is a member of the Romance Writers of America, The Beau Monde and Hearts Across History. She is represented by Elizabeth Pomada of Larsen-Pomada Literary Agency, and published by Kensington. Her debut novel THE SEDUCTION OF LADY PHOEBE, will release in September 2013

Website: (Up soon)

Thanks for visiting, Ella. Wishing you many sales..


Saturday, June 8, 2013

LB finds inspiration in 18th century America

Hi LB. Welcome to Adventures in Authorland. Please get comfortable and tell us a little  about your writing adventure.

As a child, what did you want to do when you grew up? Writing, or something else?

I’ve always wanted to write—make up stories. But I didn’t allow myself this until after my son was born. I’m still not too sure why. I had multiple teachers and professors try to persuade me to write and tell me how talented they thought I was as a writer, but it took the birth of my son for me to finally get the courage to write as a career. I wanted to show him how beautiful and fulfilling life can be. And what better way than to actually pursue my own dream of writing?

What inspired you to write your first book?

Well, I was six, and I can’t quite remember what that book was about, other than it had sparkles in it. I loved sparkles, still do. I wrote something in crayon with the few words I knew how to write and bound it in between construction paper with yarn.  Oh, I loved it! I felt so proud of myself for my first book, and I’ve been writing since then. But, like I mentioned above, it wasn’t until my thirties that I finally got serious about the craft of writing and getting myself published. My first published book is about Violet, my protagonist, who in 1775 transforms from a simple farmer to a sniper in the Massachusetts militia during the Battle of Concord-Lexington, the first battle that segued into the American Revolutionary War. The eighteenth century is extraordinarily inspiring. It was a time of revolution, change, and so much possibility—great conflict for writing too! 

What books have most influenced your life most?
To Kill a Mockingbird is probably the most influential book I’ve ever read. All that conflict with unforgettable characters and a theme of justice—for me I can’t think of anything to top that. The second most influential book in my life was actually a play, “Hamlet.” It was haunting, like most Shakespeare fans can attest to, and I couldn’t help but be sucked in by the emotionality of Ophelia. How I wished I could write her a happier ending! Most of these books I read as a child or teenager, and I can’t help but still draw from their power, as well as some of the beloved fairy tales I clawed my way through when I first learned how to read. My parents had an encyclopedic-sized book of many Western and Eastern European fairy tales that I just loved and that aren’t told very much any more. Traditional folk tales, like the ones I read, resonate within your bones with their timeless themes about young men and/or women finding their way through turmoil to find a better life for themselves.

If you could have any super hero power, what would it be?

I’ve often thought that I do have a super power! I’ve decimated computers with just one stare. Seriously, though, I have wondered why computers hate me so. But as to super hero powers I’d actually wish for . . . this probably sounds so cheesy, but I really wish I could comfort people on a global level. Wouldn’t that be something though?

What book are you reading now?

I think, like most writers, I read multiple books at a time. Right now I’m reading Thomas Paine’s The Rights of Men and just finished Fyodor Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment. I’m looking for a lighter book to read now. I go through phases where I read dark and deep then have to find happier and lighter books to balance out my state of mind, otherwise, I’d probably end up babbling to myself like Dostoevsky’s characters do. Have any suggestions for my next read?

Share three fun facts about you that most people don’t know.

I sing in the shower. I know most people do, but in college I trained for operatic music, and sing in Italian in the shower.
While some men go surfing on the internet for—well, you know—sexy movies, I surf the net for Jimmy Choo. Oh, I love the shoes that company makes!
I’m a giant messy cook. I love cooking and baking, and even have a not-so-secret crush on chef Bobby Flay—love the red hair!—but I’m chaos in the kitchen. It’s terrible! Garlic skins on the tile floor, carrot peelings in my hair—which matches, since I’m a red head too, and I somehow always end up with flour on the tip of my nose. Sometimes I don’t even cook with flour, but still wind up with it on me. My food tastes great, but if you saw the kitchen it came in, you might worry that a tornado made the meal, not a person, messy me!

Blurb of The Immortal American

The first in the Immortal American series . . .

As black clouds gather for America in 1775 Violet Buccleuch transforms from simple colonial farmer to become the Immortal American.

While Boston roars with protests, Violet Buccleuch fights to survive. The lone provider for her mother and sister, Violet knows that soon enough she must surrender to the only option a woman of 1775 has: marriage.

For two years she's delayed a wedding to Mathew Adams, her fiancé. He's loved her since they were children, and Violet knows he will be a good husband. But he's gone and committed the most dangerous mistake a man can make: He's introduced her to his friend, Jacque Beaumont, a Frenchman and a spy--a dark, dangerous man Violet can't stop herself from wanting.

Then Violet's life is shattered--brutality, death, and the threat of debtor's prison surround her. Both Jacque and Mathew come to her aid--one man rescues her farm, the other rescues her heart. As the Battle of Concord rages at her door, Violet is entangled between her loyalty to Mathew, even as she's drawn further into Jacque's shadowy, mysterious world--perhaps a world from which there's no return.

Excerpt from The Immortal American:

The sun’s rays extended down on a large rock close to where Jacque and I were to meet, and I reclined on it, letting the warmth of the rock sink into my skin. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the peace in the yellow solitude.
While in the woods on this rock, mayhap I could indulge in a different kind of destiny— in my imagination I could have a life where I had freedom to love Jacque, to imagine Jacque surround me with his arms. My hands fluttered to my chest and I smiled. My chest rose and fell at a fast pace when I thought of Jacque’s eyes, his eyes scanning my neck then his lids would droop slightly as he would peek at my chest. My next inhale was shaky which made me giggle. Then, I allowed myself the thought of what his hands would feel like instead of his eyes on me.
I placed my fingertips along my neck simulating what his fingers might do if he gently touched and caressed me. I bit my lips for the much needed touch— a kiss. Turning to my side, I laid still, one hand on my neck the other on my lips. I kept my eyes closed as I pretended he lay next to me, looking at me while his hands feathered me.
I jumped, immediately landing on my feet but stumbling forward— forward momentum— toward Jacque. Newton’s second law of motion: force can be measured by mass and acceleration. What was the mass of my heart? How fast had my heart fallen for him? I staggered into his arms, Jacque’s capable arms.
My own chest was flat against his, my stomach and hips curled into his too. My heart slammed into his ribcage where I felt his do the same.
I looked up at him, my face under his chin. He looked down; his breath on me was warm and quick.
“You’re early too.” His lips moved close my own.
I nodded as I possessed no real words to communicate. Odd shreds of philosophy and science whirled in my brain. If men were born with rights and certain liberties, what was I? If I was born into submission why did my heart– nay, my soul— wish to be free? Why, oh, why did I want to kiss him.
My arms were pressed into his chest, and my hands rested on either side of his neck. One of his arms wrapped around the back of my waist, the other held me higher, pressing me even further into him.
“Why did you come early?” Jacque’s voice was low and tremulous. His eyes suddenly adjusted to the deeper, more lucid color I loved. And just as his eyes made the adjustment, he pushed me away.
He held me at his arm’s length. I noticed his chest heaving, his eyebrows cast down, and his nose flared.
I shook my head, wondering if he was angry with me. “I . . . I wanted to see you. I couldn’t just wait—”  
“Why did you want to see me?”
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